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New Patients

Our promise to our St. Louis area patients.

Our promise to our St. Louis area patients.

Our St. Louis area practice is based on the fact that if we satisfy our patients they will get well faster and become more likely to tell others about their chiropractic experience. Since chiropractic results vary, we can’t guarantee results, but we can promise you satisfaction.

So, within ten days of your first visit to our office, if you are not completely happy with your decision to begin chiropractic care, we will gladly relieve your cash balance so there is no cost to you.

Since most spinal problems involve muscles and soft tissue which are slow to heal, continued chiropractic care is often required for maximum improvement. However, within this trial period, we expect that you will be pleased with your decision to consult our office. That’s our “New Patient Promise”.

Complimentary Consultations

Are you uncertain if your problem can be helped by Chiropractic? Just call Maher and Buck Chiropractic! We are happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have, or better yet schedule a consultation in our St. Louis office where we can discuss your problem in detail.

–There is No Charge–