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Patient Testimonials

  • Feels like Family!!!!

    - Fred A.
  • I didn’t know what to expect and I was a little nervous. Bur everyone was friendly and I was put at ease right away.

    - Katherine M.
  • I didn’t put excellent just to be nice, I meant it! Looking forward to feeling better with your help.

    - Joanna K.
  • It was great, thank you!

    - Sally R.
  • Great experience without the high pressure “sales pitch”. And they take my insurance!

    - Teresa B.
  • Hopeful the outcome will be good!

    - Jeanne G.
  • It’s the best service I have ever experienced such a positive environment.

    - Michael S.
  • You have a very professional and friendly staff. You may share my input to encourage others.

    - John D.
  • I felt improvement after my first visit and that gave me confidence that this is a good path to take toward healing! Thank you!

    - Karen S.
  • So happy at the prospect of ongoing care with your team. I feel so much better after just one visit. Thanks so much for your knowledge and dedication to helping people in pain.

    - Susan W.
  • You guys are wonderful! thanks for being so awesome!

    - Sarah L.
  • After one visit, I’m actually not in pain anymore.

    - Linda H.

Great Experience

Vicky in reception was very polite and accommodating, preparing me for my meeting with Dr. Buck and working with me for the stretches and exercise information and follow up scheduling. A great experience overall. I’m glad I made the change.
~ Bruce

Very Pleased With The Service And Results

So far I have been extremely impressed with the entire staff. They have all been very friendly, responsive and accommodating with all of my questions requests for appointments, etc. Dr. Mark has impressed me with his professional, yet very approachable personality and his knowledge of the spine and nervous system and his ability to detect the areas of my spine that have been the source of my pain. Overall I have been very pleased with the service and results from my visits with Dr. Mark Maher.
~Ann S.

Excellent Chiropractor

Professionalism =100%
Satisfaction =100%
I am so glad my nephew was referred to Dr. Maher for treatment. He is an excellent chiropractor, and one of the nicest people we’ve met. He’s very informative; we were provided with detailed information about my nephew’s situation. His team of staff are all very nice and very professional. Would highly recommend Dr. Maher!
~Henry M.

Good Experience

Good experience. Had neck pain for a week and a half after strenuous activity. Feels 75% better after the first visit.
~Nicholas E.

Always Helpful And Friendly

Always helpful and always friendly. Couldn’t ask for more.
~Chris N.

Friendly Staff

Friendly staff, nice office, I’m most certain I can be helped!

Thanks For Taking Me Right Away

Thanks for taking me right away, and helping me get my schedule to fit into an appointment for the next service.

Less Pain

I left the office in 50% less pain and a state of mind that was hopeful. Everyone was so helpful, friendly, and professional. I could tell they all worked as a team. Dr. Buck exudes love and confidence in his work!
~Elle L.

Outstanding Care

Dear Dr. Maher,

I want to thank you for the outstanding care you have given me over the past three weeks. As I explained to you, before I came to your office, I was taking Ibuprofen every 4 hours and muscle relaxers in the evening and on the weekend. Nothing was relieving my pain. My lower back wouldn’t quit hurting.

After only two visits, my back pain was gone and after the first visit, I no longer took any medication. This back issue that I had has recurred again and again for the past 11 years. Going to the Urgent Care Center and even to my own Internist (but after the pain had subsided because I always have to wait several months to get an appointment), I was offered medication, but no cure. I knew that I needed a better solution for my back problem.

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During one of my visits to your office, you even allowed my husband to sit in. Needless to say, he was very impressed and is very gratified that you have helped me as much as you have. He had no previous experience with chiropractic care.

Having said all the above, I am sorry to let you know that I will not be returning for future visits. Since your office is more than 22 miles from my home, even with your extended hours, it is a hardship for me to travel so far. The first week of my visit, I came from my office in Clayton; the 2nd week, my husband and I were on vacation, so my time was more flexible. If you ever open an office in North County, please let me know.

Your staff and services were excellent. Thank you very much. I did not want to express all this while I was at your office this morning; I wanted to put this in writing. I wish you all the very best!


Extremely Kind And Helpful

Dr. Maher and Lynn are extremely kind and helpful. I am very happy with the excellent care and service at Maher Chiropractic.
~Jessica M.

Good Experience

Good experience. Had neck pain for a week and a half after strenuous activity. Feels 75% better after the first visit.
~Nicholas E.

Trust Completely

I always feel that Dr. Mark has genuine concern for my health and well being and seeks a course of treatment that will provide relief from pain. I trust him completely.
~Martha R.


Fantastic! Everyone was very friendly. Dr. Maher did a wonderful job explaining treatment, listening and answering questions. Thank you!
~Michelle W.

Always Helpful

Always helpful and always friendly. Couldn’t ask for more.
~Chris N.

Has Helped Me

Dr Maher helped me in ways no other chiropractor has before! I live in Ca but make it a priority to visit his practice each time I’m in St. Louis! The staff are friendly and helpful and the whole experience is relaxed and unpretentious. Will highly recommend!
~Tina M.


Dr. Buck is wonderful! He really listened to my concerns and focused on what is important to me. He even has a special table he can use since I’m almost 8 months pregnant. Wonderful experience, I cant wait for my next appointment!
~Marie S.

Great Doctor

Great doctor. Have known him for years and he listens and works with you and how and what needs to be done.
~Linda G.

Knowledgeable And Skilled

I cannot say enough good things about Maher & Buck Chiropractic. Dr. Buck is not only knowledgeable and skilled, but really takes the time to listen and answer any questions I have. I feel very well cared for! I have experienced successful healing! The office staff is terrific as well and always work with my schedule. I am a very happy patient!
~Karin M.

Great First Visit!

Great first visit! Thank you for fitting me in so quickly! The staff and Dr. Mark were very nice and knowledgeable. I also love that Dr. Mark does not try to sell me on a “package deal” and is more interested in me being in control of my treatment instead of putting me in a pre-packaged box treatment. I am very hopeful to get re-aligned and back up and running as usual. Thank you!
~Melinda H.

Excellent Service

Excellent service from initial phone call for appointment, to check-in, questions about
insurance, treatment and check-out procedures. Everyone was terrific!!
~Susan C.


Thanks for taking me right away, & helping me get my schedule to fit into an appointment for the next service.

Warm And Welcoming

Vickie was very warm and welcoming, and made me feel very comfortable and at home. Dr. Buck was the same, and spent a good amount of time with me explaining everything. I’m very hopeful that we can resolve my back issue!

Helped With Pain

I’m looking forward to more visits that will alleviate the pain that I have. The new procedures are amazing….times have changed and progress has been made
~ MG

Courteous And Professional

My first visit to a chiropractor could not have been better. The staff was very courteous, professional and informative. Felt better when I left than when I went in. Looking forward to visit #2.
~ ML

Wonderful First Visit!

Wonderful first visit! I was a bit nervous to see a new chiropractor, but I was put at ease the second I walked in the door. Comprehensive care and very helpful Doctor and Staff with positive attitudes! Great way to start the day. Thank you.
~ MP

Extremely Pleased

I moved here from Wisconsin and I do not know many people in this area. It is very hard meeting new doctors when you have had the same ones for so many years but I was extremely pleased at my first visit. Vicki was very welcoming and pleasant to talk to and Dr. Buck was so friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend this office to as many people as I can.
~ TS

Friendly Staff

Friendly staff, nice office, I’m most certain I can be helped!
~ PG


I was so impressed that Dr. Maher spent so much time listening…really listening! That means SO much to a patient. The staff was very friendly and helpful. This was a great experience…now I hope the treatment works as well as I expect it to.
~ KT

This Will Work

Most technical Chiropractor I’ve been to. I think this will work.
~ D.E.

Wonderful Job

Dr. Buck did such a wonderful job. I was out of pain within a few visits.
~ P.S.